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Lucy Summary
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Lucy Summary
Lucy Background Information

Lucy is a novel by Jamaica Kincaid based on a girl who leaves a small island in the West Indies to be a servant to a moderately wealthy white family. In this book, Lucy struggles with a conflict between her and her mother, who Lucy blames for most of her problems.


At first Lucy is eager to adapt to the new technological innovations that were no available to her in the Caribbean, however as the story progresses she begins to question everything. Lucy’s job in the United States is to take care of Lewis and Mariah’s four children. They seem happy at first but it turns out to be a fašade.


Lucy then befriends Peggy, a rebellious teenager, even though Mariah considers her a negative influence and doesn’t allow her to come in their home.  Although they are close friends when they first meet, Lucy and Peggy soon grow apart after they notice that they have very little in common.  They grow further apart when Lucy begins to date Paul, a man Peggy considers to be a “pervert”.


Lucy then discovers an affair between Lewis and Mariah’s best friend Dinah. This makes Mariah very upset because she still loved Lewis while he had stopped loving her. During this time Lucy had been receiving letters from her mother, but opened none of them because she was frustrated with her mother.  An old friend then delivered a message to Lucy telling her that her father had died and that her mother had been trying to tell her through the envelopes.  Lucy sent all of the money she had been saving up to buy an apartment with Peggy to her mother to help her pay for the funeral and to pay off her fathers debts.  Lucy and Mariah, who used to be very close friends, began to grow apart so Lucy bought a small apartment with Peggy.