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Lucy Background Information
Grendel Summary
Grendel Background Information
Lucy Summary
Lucy Background Information

This story takes place in New York in the late 1960's.
Lucy- Lucy is the title character of the novel who constantly questions her sexuality and what she should do with her life. She is constantly in confilct with her mother. Lucy learns to love all kinds of art and and photography and begins to dislike nature.
Mariah- Mariah is the woman who hired Lucy and shared her house in New York with. She is in conflict with Lewis at the later part of the novel because of the affair he had with her best friend. At the end of the novel her friendship with Lucy begins to deteriorate and turns into a relationship between an employer and an employee instead of a relationship between two friends.
Peggy- Peggy is Lucy's best friend who many people consider a bad influence on Lucy. Peggy lives with her parents who she disagrees constanly with. She is in conflict with Lucy for some parts of the novel because of Paul and their differences in interests, but it is resolves and her and Lucy buy an apartment together.
Lewis- The wife of Mariah who has an affair with Mariahs best friend.  Is considered to be very intellectual by Lucy anthough she begins to dislike him after she discovers the affair.
Paul- Paul is Lucy's boyfriend although he is considered to be a pervert by Peggy. Lucy cheated on him with a camera salesman but he never found out about it.
Lucy's Mother- Lucy's Mother loves Lucy  even though Lucy dislikes the choices Lucy's Mother has made. Lucy becomes very angry with her mother when she learns how much debt her father has left her mother.
The main theme of Lucy is loss and betrayal, with the affair between Lewis and Mariah, and Lucy cheating on Paul with the camera salesman. Loss is a theme in this story also because of Lucy's father passing away.
This novel has mostly a romantic tone due to all the love scenes and affairs.
The main conflicts are an inner conflict with Lucy questioning the mysteries of her sexuality and an outer conflict between Lucy and her Mother.